Cooking & Baking

Do you need help preparing for a holiday party or for a family feast?  We can work together!  

Holiday Meals

Holiday Baking

Let me help take the stress out of your holiday preparations so you can enjoy time with those who matter most.

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Do you or someone you love need extra help preparing meals for the week?  Together we can pre-make delicious healthy meals to make life a bit easier.

Meals for the Elderly

Meals for Busy Families

Meals during Pregnancy

Meals for a Family with a New Baby

Special Diet


Are you learning to cook according to a special diet? 

I am here to help!  

Gluten Free

Dairy Free

Grain Free

All Natural


And more!

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Would you like to learn more about adding special ingredients to your food to enhance the flavor and nutrition?

Cooking With:



Unique Ingredients

Your Own Recipes

And More!



If you have special dietary requirements, prefer certain recipes, want to delete (or add) certain ingredients, that is my specialty! We have a granddaughter who has serious food allergies and I have developed some recipes (even sweet ones) to accommodate her requirements when she visits. I have some gluten free bread and cookie recipes that have proven very tasty. I can also provide a week’s meals for elderly folks or for a very busy family household who still relish coming home to hot meals at the end of the day.

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