• Sylvia Goolsby

Starting a New Venture!

Well, here I go again! Starting a new venture while my husband is working his new job. This time it’s totally different. Why? Because this time our family unit consists of he and I alone. We sold all our possessions, home, contents, even clothes (I do have a few left) to embark on a new adventure in Logan, UT. We moved here from the Athens, Georgia area. We lived here before (about 6 years ago) and had to return to the east to care for his failing father. We loved it here and were so surprised when we were invited to return. So, we decided to downsize. And boy did we downsize! We are now full-time RV’ers. We wanted to be free to go and see as much of this great country as possible this time around. We knew we would increase that likelihood if we weren’t working to maintain a house. So now I need to be gainfully employed to be able to meet our goals of traveling. While I have skills that go past the 20 years of commercial food business, Cooking has been my passion for many years before I graduated culinary school. The degree simply added another element to practice my passion.

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